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Color / Finish
Series / Collection
 Acton Meadow
 Alvin I
 Alvin II
 Angle Abstract
 Bay Storm
 Beyer I
 Beyer II
 Blanc Abstract
 Blanc I
 Blanc II
 Blossom Abstract
 Blue Apparent
 Blue Flush
 Blue Rhythm
 Blue Seagrass
 Botanical Study
 Bowie Bloom
 Bowie Blooms I
 Bowie Blooms II
 Bronson Lake Abstract
 Buck Rain
 Burgess I
 Burgess II
 Calm I
 Calm II
 Calm III
 Coastal I
 Coastal II
 Concentric Shell
 Daffodil Botanic
 Edwards Forest
 Emslie I
 Emslie II
 Farris Blooms
 Floral Shadow
 Francis Blooms
 Garden Palm
 Ginkgo Botanic
 Industrial Abstract
 Iris Botanic
 Jenks Bay
 Jones Sound
 Jordan Forest
 Juliana Blooms
 Kearns Forest
 Kiger Bloom
 Lasting Texture
 Leaf Shadow
 Leaf Shadow I
 Leaf Shadow II
 Living Blues
 Lucy the Cow
 Lush I
 Lush II
 Meadow Mist
 Meadow Study
 Mellow Woods
 Mende Blooms
 Mixed Metal
 Modern Blush
 Modern Blush I
 Modern Blush II
 Moore Pond
 Muller Forest
 Musa I
 Musa II
 Nanette Bloom
 Natrual Treasures
 Natural Treasures
 Newton Lake
 Nicola Bloom
 Norcross Forest
 Oak Botanic
 Oak I
 Oak II
 Obsidian I
 Obsidian II
 Ochre Abstract
 Open Horizon
 Pastel Abstract
 Patton Sound
 Peach Still Life
 Peony Abstract
 Petal Study
 Pink Flush
 Rally Abstract
 Readingin Gray
 Remembered Gold
 River Mist
 Rue Amens
 Rue Ames
 Rush I
 Rush II
 Russel Forest
 Russell Forest
 Seagrass I
 Seagrass II
 Seagull Abstract
 Seawater Abstract
 Shadow Abstract
 Shell Botanical
 Silhouette I
 Silhouette II
 Silhouette IV
 Simon Lane
 Simple Weave
 Simple Weave I
 Simple Weave II
 Sky Swell
 Skyline Hues
 Spring Still Life
 Strip Wood
 Stripe Wood
 Sympony Cityscape
 Tempest I
 Tempest II
 Three Gulls
 Three Guls
 Toal Dunes
 Trumpet Floral
 Tyler Blooms
 Urban Art Beat
 Urban Mist Abstract
 Valerie Blooms
 Vantage Point
 Verde Abstract
 Verte Abstract
 Wald Poppy
 Wall Art
 Walters Bay
 Wave Wood
 Weber Lake
 Weekend on the Lake
 Weldon Field
 Weldon Forest
 Whiten I
 Whiten II
 Wiggins Pass
 Wild Garden
 Willow Abstract
 Winged Victory
 Yates Bay
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